Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tooby Magruder Strikes Again

When I was growing up I had this friend named Tooby...Tooby Magruder, to be exact. What a name, huh?

Well, Tooby loved cookies. All kinds, really, but mostly chocolate chips. He decided early on in life that when he grew up he would become a cookie "chef". Time went by and I lost touch with Tooby until just recently when he came to me and asked me to help him get his cookie business going.

So I did.....

Tooby Magruder has started making cookie mixes in decorative packaging and selling them for a steal! I tried one of these mixes and was AMAZED and FERHOODLED at how moist and tasty they were. So we started going to farmer's markets and they sold like hotcakes at IHOP! Then we placed them in our store in Colorado Springs and people come back time after time after time to buy these crazy cookie mixes. I feel like banging myself on the head and saying "You coulda had a cookie mix!"

So we started selling them on our online store and on and ecrater and, oh, yes, we must never forget etsy and ebay. (As a matter of fact, I do spend all day on the computer!)

As for Tooby? Well it surprises me that some gal has not grabbed him up and claimed him for her own with his incredible culinary skills, but his mission in life is to make people happy, if only for a moment, with his cookies.

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