Thursday, November 15, 2012

And This Year I am Thankful For....

So it's that time of year again. And just where did the year go? There's so much to be thankful for that I need to get these fingers moving before they move right on out of my brain! We serve a benevolent God who  blesses us over and above what we could ever hope or deserve.

The Summer of 2012 will ever be known as the time when Teller and El Paso Counties in Colorado were devastated by fires. Although Colorado Springs suffered the brunt of the damage, with close to 350 homes destroyed and two lives lost, I am thankful to see the people down there joining forces as a community and rebuilding their lives. I am thankful Woodland Park was spared. Every time Don and I drive  through the burn area my heart breaks all over again. It is then that I am reminded of God's mercy and all the first responders who worked tirelessly to protect us.

I am thankful for a community where people still recognize their neighbors and help one another out. Living in a smaller community once more reminds me of the little town in Arkansas where I grew up. Neighbor helping neighbor, people waving or speaking even though they may or may not know your name. I love the feeling of small town (and in our case, country) living.

I am thankful for my neighbors. I am thankful for doctors who take care of my autoimmune problems. I am thankful for a nice warm and comfortable home, for Facebook where I can connect with people I haven't seen in years, for email that enables me to connect in a moment's notice with my family during a time of trouble.

I am thankful for friends and family. I am doubly blessed and thankful for my wonderful husband, Don, who unselfishly takes care of me. I am thankful that I don't wear that boot anymore, even though I was thankful for it when I broke my foot.

I am thankful for God's love and mercy and how he loves a pathetic old creature like me.

I could go on and on, but you get it. I have a thankful heart this year. The heaviness of last year has passed; Don and I are picking up the pieces and moving on and we are thankful for the opportunity to do so.

Happy Thanksgiving,


P.S. I am also thankful for all my "deer" friends. They bring me many hours of pleasure as I talk to them and watch as they do whatever it is that deer do. Atlas, Molly, Not Molly, Bossie, John Jacob Astor, Spike, Jolene...these are just a few.

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Sherry BW said...

OK my comment is about "And This Year I am Thankful For..."
I loved reading it and especially the pictures. It gives a piece of your heart to everyone reading it. It's up close and personal if you know what I mean. We are thankful for you guys as friends. Our small groups have truly blessed us with knowledge, fellowship, and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!