Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas is Here

Some of the best memories of my life are those associated with Christmas. When I was a little girl my mom, two sisters and me would  be up by 4 a.m. or so and before long our living room would be one solid mass of ripped Christmas paper. Giggles, smiles, toys, sweaters and Christmas trees.

We had a myriad of Christmas trees in our home. One year we had a pink flocked tree. I vaguely remember a blue flocked one, a tabletop one, but the one that lives most vividly in my memory was our six foot aluminum tree with balls of blue that changed a few years later to Santa heads.I remember that tacky aluminum tree like it was just yesterday. I was mesmerized by it. IT seems to twinkle in the dark like so many stars in the sky. As an adult I promised that should they make a comeback such tinsel nonsense would never grace my home.

Another fond memory was of the yearly Christmas pageants at our little church in Cabot, Arkansas. My mother was music director there for a number of years and with the position came responsibility for the pageant. One year we did silhouettes. It was cool! A huge wooden frame was built that housed a gigantic white sheet. With each song the silhouette would change. Sounds boring, but in the mind of a child, it was AWESOME! How did they do that, I wondered.  At the end of the service, stockings full of oranges, apples, nuts and hard candies were passed out to the kiddies.

It was a simple life. I loved it then. I love it now. These days I make most of the gifts we give. Don and I live a very simple life up here in the mountains and I love the beauty of the scenery. For instance, last weekend a snow blanketed our area leaving us in a winter wonderland. Our Christmas lights (and yes, we call them Christmas lights) and greenery on the porch were covered in snow giving them a beautiful Christmasy look that made me feel all warm and cozy. Early Sunday evening I looked out the window and two enormous bucks were standing at the porch looking back at me. There are people who buy those deer that are made from grapevines or whatever, but we've got the real thing. Hopefully the attached picture will give you some idea of what we saw.

I know this is a rambling entry today; however, I just want to say one more thing. Merry Christmas. With all the political correctness in the world, I stand firm in my beliefs, no matter what others may think. I have a Christmas tree in my house. Not a holiday tree. The baby in the manger deserves our allegiance and I respectfully give it to him.

Having said my piece, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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