Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rowdy the Medicare Cat

On the back cover of "The Disappearance of Simon Archer" is a blurb about the family and our cat, Rowdy. Rowdy died on January 5 after a brief illness. He was a trooper and I have cried almost everyday since he's been gone.

Rowdy was my husband's cat and they were together for 18 years. When I came into the picture with my cat, Bob ( who is also gone now), he wasn't certain what he thought of us. One day I was upstairs at home and Rowdy decided he didn't exactly like uninvited guests (Don and I were dating at the time and we were at the house for an afternoon visit). He hissed at me, jumped up and grabbed hold of what he thought was my arm only to chomp down on the bracelet I've worn everyday since I put it on in 1996, It is a sterling AIDS bracelet I wear in memory of my first husband, Marc, who died from the illness.

Rowdy went running down the stairs, out the cat door and never again tried to bite me. He never scratched me; he didn't hiss at me. And when he got sick a couple of years later with a tumor in his sinus cavity, he turned to me to be his caregiver and such was our relationship until he lay down by my side on January 5 and went to sleep for the last time.

My heart aches, my eyes are welling with tears. Yes, I know he was an animal, but he was MY animal, MY Rowdy, MY trusted confidante, the one who always met me at the door when I came home.

My friends told me to get a kitten to liven up the house, but I felt disloyal to my Rowdy and Bob. But I thought about it, even prayed about it and began the search on Craig's List. We ended up with 8th month on brother and sister, Jack and Jill, Maine Coon kitties. They are humongous! They are playful! They are a joy! And even though I still my Rowdy and Bob more than you'll ever know, I think we did the right thing. Don and I haven't laughed so much in years.

Jack and Jill are a hoot and I think Rowdy would approve.

My computer is on its way back home via FedEx. I had to have some repairs done. As soon as I get it back I will post some pictures of Bob, Rowdy, Jack and Jill.

Our pets are a gift. Our pets are our children, our family. God bless our pets.

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