Monday, February 18, 2013

"Knee Mail"

When someone our lives becomes ill or goes through a major life trauma, we are often at a loss as to how to help them. A close relative of mine recently underwent a double mastectomy and is now beginning chemotherapy, and radiation will follow after that is completed. She lives far, far away from me and I cannot just hop in the car and drive to her house and lend a hand or hold hers.

Thankfully, she has a wonderful husband who keeps all of us well-informed. They seem to be handling all of this surprisingly well, but in the quiet hours in their home, when no one else is around I can't help but wonder if they are asking the hard questions, crying the real tears, and fearing what lies ahead.

I have wept over her diagnosis more hours than I care to admit. I believe God is in control. I believe He has this precious woman in his hands and that his hands are big enough to hold her safely without fear of dropping her by the wayside. I know the family is feeling like this is unfair...and dang it! It IS unfair.

I won't say things like "when life gives you lemons make lemonade" because it's so inappropriate. I won't say "Que Sera Sera"" because that's just flip and rude. I refuse to say "we are never given more than we can handle" because at the moment it feels like her cup is spilling over just a little bit...and that is TOO much! What I will say is this: She is strong! She has weathered many storms in her personal life that seemed insurmountable at the time and persevered. She has a fantastic "get 'er done" attitude about her breast cancer and if anyone could come out on the other side and kick cancer's proverbial butt, it is this young woman.

She recently emailed me and asked for me to keep sending up "knee mail". If you are one of my faithful readers and spend time on your knees, would you shoot up a little knee mail to the Father on her behalf? God knows who she is! I just don't mention her name because of her request for privacy.

Thank you for listening to my ramblings. I'm tired; I'm worn; I'm utterly amazed that God listens to anything I have to say, especially when I pray for the same things over and over. Thankfully, he knows how we are as his little children and is aware we have one track minds, as my mother so aptly stated.

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