Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I've Been Crowded Right Off the Couch

It's Tuesday. It's snowing! And snowing! And snowing!  We've had the wood stove going since we got up, Don working in one room of the house, me on the couch with my laptop.

Well, at least a part of the morning. You see, Jack, my enormous now 11-month old Maine Coon, who weighed in at the vet a couple of weeks ago at 14 pounds, 4 ounces, jumped up and cuddled into my leg, then his sister caught wind of our gathering and did likewise. About ten minutes into that (and that was about two hours ago), I got crowded right off the couch. Yes, sir! They have claimed the sofa. I moved over to the loveseat and they are none the wiser. My lazy bums haven't budged an inch. Which is probably great for me! I had a lot of writing to catch up on.

And what a lot of writing I've done! I've been stuck in the middle of a plot, unable to move on, but today came clarity. From two nights of little sleep, my creative juices began to flow once more. The two couch hogs have been my confidantes for the past couple of days while I've been mulling over a recent life situation which shall no doubt, at some point, help me and others learn some valuable life lessons. For now, it is painful and that makes for good fiction.

Wait a minute! Maybe that's why the cats kicked me off the couch! They got SUPER TIRED of listening to me whine! DUH! (Imagine me slapping the side of my head, like "I coulda had a V8!")

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