Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This Week on Obsidian Drive

Some would say that living out in the country would be boring. No bright lights, no movie theaters, no shopping malls...

I say, "Pshaw!"

Living in Teller County Colorado might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love it. My hubby and I love living above the clouds and awake most days still awed that the Good Lord would have it in his plan to allow us to live in such a beautiful place.

In 1986 I was living in Little Rock, Arkansas. I was attending Agape Church and one weekend in June of that year the church hosted a women's weekend. The keynote speaker asked us to write down on a piece of paper where we wanted to be one year from that date and put it someplace we wouldn't lose it. The speaker was touching on the scripture about God giving us the desires of our heart. I wrote down Colorado never really giving it a second thought. One year later, almost to the day, I moved to Colorado Springs. Talk about an answered prayer.

So much has happened since moving to Teller County. Last summer was the Waldo Canyon and Springer fires. It was a harrowing time with roads closed, evacuations of over 30,000, hundreds of homes lost, 2 lives lost and all we could do was wait it out...and pray.  During the fires I broke my right foot and all the medical facilities were closed to anything that wasn't fire related so I also had to wait that out for a couple of weeks.

Everyday I look out my front window and see the beautiful landscape before me. I see owls, elk, deer, coyotes, foxes, eagles and hear the screeching cry of the mountain lion off in the distance. In the early summer, we enjoy the beautiful simplicity of the columbine, our state flower. Hummingbirds are so curious they fly right up to us then zip away out of sight. Even as I wrote that line, one flew by.

Last summer a bear invited himself in through our bedroom window while we were at church one Sunday  morning during the fires.

A few days ago my cat, Jack, brought me a mole. Not a thing that grows on your skin and sometimes needs to be removed. A creeping, crawling, hairy, humongous mole that he caught somewhere and killed. YIKES! Then he brought me a bird. Then he and his sister, Jill, found a nest of mice under the shed, drug them out and played chase with them.

So is life in the mountains for everyone?  Heck, no! But it sure is for me. I love to hike. I love to visit the hot springs over in Buena Vista or Ouray or Glenwood Springs. I love to walk around the National Fossil Beds just around the corner from home. I also like to get gussied up (a clean shirt and pair of jeans) and head into town for the newest movie.

If you're ever in the neighborhood, honk and wave, slow down and yell, but watch out. Consider yourself warned. You might just like it and have to stay a spell.

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