Thursday, June 13, 2013

More Pictures of the Black Forest and Royal Gorge Fires

Thanks to Denver Channel 4 for this photo of Black Forest

The firefights don't matter what!
I apologize for the sporadic look of this page. I wanted to share more of what is going on here. We heard this morning via the media and the sheriff's department in El Paso County that over 360 homes have been destroyed and more than 15000 acres have been burned. The Black Forest fire has now surpassed the Waldo Canyon Fire of 2012 in terms of homes lost. Our prayers are with all our friends, their friends and families and the people of Southern Colorado. 
Amazing shot of American flag while house burns

Chinook flies over fire dropping retardant
Night shot of fire Black Forest
House burns in the Black Forest

The morning after...
Retardant being dropped over Black Forest Wednesday
Horses being led to safety

One of the 360 homes lost so far, Black Forest

View of Royal Gorge Fire

animals standing in Arkansas River, Royal Gorge Fire
Royal Gorge Bridge early stages of fire.

C130s over Royal Gorge
Photo first day of Royal Gorge Fire

Very surreal
Sunset at Royal Gorge Fire

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