Saturday, August 17, 2013

Much Ado About Nuttin', Honey

I've been sitting on a couch with my foot elevated since July 29. Here's how it's pretty much gone on an average day.

I can't rest in our enormous aspen bed because I am unable to climb the bed steps. That being the case, I've planted myself on the sofa for now.. It's placed against the picture window, so at least I have nice scenery. The sun comes up EARLY and that means so do the kittens. Until just a few days ago we still had three of them, now only two, who love to run, leap, wrestle and usually land on my head.. My kittens are my alarm clock: a pouncing of sorts onto my head by enormous Maine Coon feet....with claws.

I love, love, love Dr. I get my Dr. Phil fix early in the day on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). These are reruns from early on in his network career and I've learned lots and lots about everything from nosy mothers-in-law to creepy next door neighbors, child actors gone bad,  to how to mooch off your parents in three easy lessons. Then there's the siblings who hate each other so much that someone needs to take their texting thumbs away from them so they can no longer communicate. (That's right...they never speak...only email and text.)  Next, I pull out the computer and write (I am determined to finish my sequel...and get busy on the Christmas novella I promised myself and my husband I'd work on). I doodle around on the laptop until about one and then it's time for PBJ or pimento cheese or Fake BLT.

By this time, both adult cats are outside and on the prowl, one or both of them periodically showing up with some catch they cannot wait to share with me and the kittens. (Note: kittens think it's the cat's meow while I am totally grossed out!) On any given day, the catch of the day can be anything from a field mouse too dumb to stay away from the cats to a shrew or mama chipmunk. On one particularly eventful day the mommy cat, Jill, brought, a rat, a baby squirrel, a chipmunk, a baby rabbit and later that evening....the mommy rabbit. Jack, her brother, brought a rabbit yesterday and wanted to bring it in the house and Don wouldn't let him. So Jack dropped on the porch and it went running (Yes, it was still alive and kicking) and the cats chased it all over. All that is left of it now is, yes, you guessed it, the rabbit's "unlucky" foot. Don found it in the front yard earlier today and asked me if I'd like to have it. (YUCK!)

Don has had to do his regular job, clean, cook, take care of me, feed the cats, water the garden, run the errands and put up with my incessant whining about my foot pain, and when will it be time for another pain pill. He's a saint, really. He's toted me around the house because I can't put any weight on my foot.  He's washed my hair, helped me into the shower, tucked me in, made me cinnamon toast and answered every call I've made, whether on the phone or hollering through the house.

Like I said, this blog entry is about nothing at all. But really, it's about everything. It's about the little things that make life special. Kittens and watching them experience all the things in life that are new and fresh. Hummingbirds outside the front window drinking from the feeder and watching Jack chatter and fidget trying to figure out how to catch one. (Watch out, Jack. They'll poke your eye out!) Experiencing mom secrets with a mommy cat who trusts me enough to sit next to me while she feeds her babies. Having a husband who loves me and cares about me and shows me in ways no one else ever has.

I hope you never have to be down from an injury that never heals to learn such simple lessons. But if this is what it take for me....bring it on!

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