Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ouray, Prescott and Jerome Then and Now

Granite Dells, Prescott, Arizona
   Jerome from atop Cleopatra Hill
With the release of the sequel to "The Disappearance of Simon Archer" coming soon, I thought a little trip through the photo albums of Ouray,Colorado as well as  Prescott and Jerome Arizona might be in order. These are photos I found online through Google search and are representative of the era of the book as well as present day.

Early Jerome
United Verde Copper Mine, Jerome, AZ
Jerome, AZ in another era

Present day Jerome
Aspens ablaze, present day Ouray, Colorado

View of San Juans from just outside Ridgway

Winter in Ouray

Historic Ouray

1880s Ouray, Colorado

Ouray, CO 1904
Courthouse, Prescott, AZ
Prescott of long ago

Cortez Street, 1880s Prescott, AZ
Look for the release on of "Iron Fists in Satin Gloves" early November.

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