Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We're Having Substantial Weather

The weather across America this Spring has been substantial, as an old friend of mine would say. Everywhere tornadoes or the threat of tornadoes, rain, hail. My home state of Arkansas, particularly the area I called my stomping grounds as a young adult, was devastated by killer tornadoes in April. My heart aches for the folks back there. But Arkansans are proud and strong. They will endure, rebuild, and be stronger for the trial.

Here in Colorado, we just had a springtime snow storm. In Florissant, where my hubby and I live, we measured eleven inches over a two day period of nonstop heavy snow. Living in the age of social media, I shared pictures and comments on Facebook about the snow and the poor hummingbird(s) that sought shelter on our front porch during the snow. I've had varying comments about the snow with "yuck", "is this normal" and "better days are ahead" being my favorites. My answers? "Yuck indeed!", "Yes, this is normal" and "I'm counting the days til summer in the Rockies".

Just when I thought the snow was over and it begun to melt, another "mini" snowstorm struck last night. My poor cats! You could also read the disappointment in their eyes. One in particular, Ricky, a seven-month-old Maine coon, would go to the door and wait for me to open it. (My cats are trained to potty outdoors. What a wonderful thing!) I opened the door, then the storm door and he looked out, looked up at me as if to say "What the.......", then turned and fled to the food bowl. Just like us humans, cats sometime soothe their woes in a good plate of comfort food (in this case, kibble for kitties).

Today is lovely. It is warming up nicely. Sunday, however, was a Mother's Day for the books. While we were snowed in, enjoying a day of solitude, movies and a Currier and Ives picture out our windows, my friends and family in Arkansas enjoyed a 90 degree day.

Substantial weather indeed!
Poor little hummingbird outside my window Sunday afternoon, Mother's Day.

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