Monday, October 27, 2014

What October is for Me

Ah, October. My favorite month of the year. The leaves are afire with color, the air begins to feel a little crisp and sometimes bites at the nose. Those of us involved in music begin to rehearse selections for the holidays (for me, it is never too soon to sing Christmas music). My birthday is in October and I always reflect on how graciously God has blessed me from year to year. But, I must admit, one of my favorite things of the past few Octobers is the Halloween candy commercial starring .... wait for it...THE HORSELESS HEADSMEN! I love that little dude. He arrives on the scene of some excited trick-or-treaters and says "I've come for your heads! I am the Horseless Headsmen!" One of the kiddos says, "You mean, the headless horsemen." He looks at that kid with a raised brow and says with much drama, "No!" and gives the kid a look that speaks of "I mean what I say and I say what I mean".  I don't even know what kind of candy they're selling on that ad. I just love the short, big-headed, tiny bodied, horseless, Medicare-aged hunter of heads.

     Another thing that happens in Colorado during October is the annual Women of Faith conference in Denver.  Our church, Rocky Mountain Chapel just outside Cripple Creek, sent a nice representation of ladies to the conference this year and what a time was had by all. For those of you who keep up with the Who's Who of Christian Music and Speakers who frequent the event, here's the Denver list: Sheila Walsh, Lisa Harper, Christine Caine (from down under), Lisa Bevere (Colorado's own), Priscilla Shirer,, Nichole Nordeman (also Colorado born and bred), Matthew West, Gateway Worship band, and the one and only Anita Renfroe.

     Anita Renfroe. What can you say about Anita Renfroe! Her parodies of pop culture music is second to none. At the conference she did a medley of pop music on the topic of MENOPAUSE. Among them were "You're Gonna Hear Me Snore" (Katie Perry's "Eye of the Tiger, You're Gonna Hear Me Roar"), "This Girl is On Fire", ode to hot flashes, "Crabby" (Happy). and "Let It Grow: (Let it Go from Frozen) a myth buster about older women needing to let go of their long locks and wear grandma dos. It was hysterical.

     One of my favorite sessions was Lisa Bevere's talk on "Girls with Swords" taken from her book of the same name. We must wear the armor of truth and fight with the sword of the Spirit, girls. Christianity ain't for the lazy, faint or tea and crumpets crowd. It's a battle everyday. Especially now. It's no joke that evil seems to be global. ISIS is a threat. Haters abound. We need to be wise. Take up your swords, ladies. WE ARE DAUGHTERS OF THE KING!

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