Monday, July 23, 2012

Augusta Finds a Man

Augusta was a cute little thing. So much so that none of her clients could keep their hands to themselves. Only there was one problem. Augusta lived in Ouray, Colorado in 1890. A time when women were to be soft spoken, demure, ladylike, always looking their best, not showing much cleavage or wearing makeup. Augusta had another problem. She was a single lady desperate for money.

She found a job working in the Red Light District. The men loved Augusta with her long, dark hair, big brown eyes with lashes that swept across her cheekbones when she lowered her gaze,  her petite figure, and silky negligees.

She was young. Her job was to charm the pants off the local men...literally. She was just a child. Sixteen. But who was going to tell? The men adored her and the women chose to believe she didn't exist.

All that changed the day she met Simon Archer....and Reginald O'Keefe. Neither one knew of the other, but both were spellbound by the alluring Augusta, the Belle of the District.

Simon was a married man whose eyes wandered from the woman who married him all those years ago when she was just a girl herself. He was willing to give up everything he had to be with Augusta. His work took him to the ends of the earth and he brought her trinkets from all the ports of call. He bought her silk dressing gowns, ivory combs for her hair, pearl necklaces, teas from China, lace from Scotland. Yes, wherever he went he brought back expensive gifts with which to lavish the exotic Belle of the District.

Reginald was a newcomer to the community, moving to Ouray upon graduation from college to work on Red Mountain in the mines. He was a handsome man, a loner, who did not play or work well with others. He had a plan. A plan for success. To become a wealthy miner and he would see his plan to fruition whether by hook or by crook. And the plan only intensified the day he met Augusta. He fell in love with her, knowing full well that he was not the only man who shared her bed. But despite it all, Reginald vowed to take her away from this place.

Who wins her heart? Will Simon leave his wife and children to begin a life with a woman half his age who was no more than a wandering sheep, lost in the world of prostitution? Or will this fallen woman find warmth and safety in the arms of Reginald O'Keefe and his mysterious ways?

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