Thursday, July 26, 2012

Meet Molly Brown and John Jacob Astor...and All Their Friends

My husband and I live in the Rocky Mountains on land bordering The National Fossil Beds and the Pike National Forest. With all that untouched land, comes lots of wildlife. There are bears, foxes, elk, raccoons...and lots of deer.

One day I was walking through the yard and a ginormous doe comes running up to me, stopping about two inches from my face. "My what big eyes you have, Deer!" I said, my husband laughing. He said, "Good grief. Could she come any closer?"

Well, much to my surprise, she sort of adopted I named her. Molly Brown. At the time, she was VERY pregnant. In July last summer she disappeared for about three weeks and then showed up with a surprise...two fawns, one boy, one girl. Over time, the fawns became friendly towards me, I suppose following the lead of their mother. The girl was a little more standoffish, but the boy...well, he was a real pistol. He wanted to be my buddy. So I named him, too. John Jacob Astor.

Before long, these two began showing up with more and more of their family and friends. One other mommy deer came with her new fawns, twins as well. From neighbors I learned she and the deer I call Molly (aka Pretty Mama by a neighbor lady up the road) are sisters. She's larger than Molly and very distinguishable. She has the biggest dang ears I ever saw. We named her Not Molly.

Not Molly will sit outside with me on a bridge that joins our front yard from the driveway. It sits in an aspen grove and is quite cozy. When I sit there sometimes I get a little nudge on my back, turn around and she's sitting there waiting to be pet between her enormous ears. She's a real love.

Also coming for an occasional visit is one buck we call "Titanic" because he is ONE BIG DEER and probably the Grand Poobah of the group...and more than likely the Stud Muffin for this little harem. He is 14 points and came in the beginning, I have not doubts, to see who this person was who is more interesting to the ladies and kids than he is. He follows me around the yard and I generally tell him he's too close because he's just a little creepy...albeit a magnificent specimen,. He is amazing!

So that's it. We now have about 12 deer who call our yard their favorite hang out. But I must warn you, if you come by to visit, you may just step in it...if you catch my meaning.

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