Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ramblings on a Snow Day

Cajun bean soup is cooking in a cast iron pot on our stove, soon to be followed with cornbread from a cast iron skillet (do I sound like I'm from the South or WHAT!!!), there's a fire in the wood stove, and the kittens are sleeping (of course they are....they played ALL NIGHT LONG! I'm still in my pjs at 3:35 in the afternoon, sitting on the sofa watching Hallmark movies (right now it's a cute one called Elevator Girl). The snow keeps on coming down. It's a perfect day to do nothing but veg out! (Remember that phrase?)

Anyone who knows me knows that hardly a day goes by without some knitting project keeping me busy. Today would be no exception. I've been working on a seed stitch sweater for a while now, but put it aside to make some chemo caps and a lap afghan for my niece, Pam. All her projects are now completed and are in her hands in Arkansas. So I've picked up my sweater again.

Knitting is an escape for me, much like writing. Some of my ideas come when I'm furiously clicking my needles. Most of my characters are invented in the wee hours of the morning while I'm knitting on some project. It's funny to think to think about really. For instance, imagine this: while I was working on this red cable knit ski cap, Faerie Wright came into being; or, Reginald O'Keefe was born out of this fingerless glove. The more problems I had with it, the stranger he  became. 

The latest character is Washie Somers. Her name actually came from a great-aunt of mine, Washie Wesson (some name, huh?. I vaguely remember her. She was REALLY old when I was little but I remember thinking she looked like a super old Indian. I later found out she was. Her mama, my great-grandmother was Cherokee (Or so the story goes).  Anyway, Washie Somers came to be while I was knitting the afghan for Pam. The color I made the afghan is a sort of periwinkle, a soft color, delicate. Washie is a strong woman, yet delicate as a flower when it comes to raising her daughter. I think she will be a nice addition to the already budding characters of Faerie, Susan and Augusta.

I've added some pictures. The first one is a photo of the afghan I knit for Pam; the 2nd is a photo of one of the chemo caps and the last is of the most recent snow. Enjoy !

Happy Palm Sunday tomorrow. From all of us in Colorado, it wouldn't be Easter season without SNOW!

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