Friday, March 15, 2013

Update on My Niece

I just received an email from my niece's husband. Here's the lowdown. She's looking fashion forward in her hats and scarves, but that's an easy task for her. She's always been a cutie.

Between chemo treatments, she's been able to go to church with her family, go eat some greasy spoon cooking at the Ozark Mountain Cafe (?) and go hiking at her favorite place in Little Rock, Pinnacle Mountain. That's no easy feat for a non-chemo patient! You go, girl!!!!!

She just finished treatment number two and is feeling puny again.

The family really  appreciates all your thoughts and prayers. She is spending time this weekend with her big brother and his family, who live in Houston. Pray for this time. Seeing her this way will not be easy for him. But, that aside, she is excited to see him and get a hug from her big bro.

This is short and sweet, but so many of you have asked me about her. By the way, I can tell you her name now and a little something about her.

 Her name is Pam Hathaway. She is married to John and he is a gem. Her two teenagers are Caroline and Jackson. Pam is an attorney for the Supreme Court of Arkansas. In high school, she was a cheerleader for the Fighting Jackrabbits of Lonoke High School, Lonoke, Arkansas. And she went to school with Paula Jones (of Bill Clinton administration).

She is funny, athletic, loves a good glass of wine, likes to hike Pinnacle Mountain (see picture below), participates with the Race for the Cure (now she fighting for her own cure), and has a mother (my big sis) who is so proud of her she could almost burst with pride.

Keep praying for her and her family, and for my sister, who aches from a mother's heart because she can't put a bandaid on this and make it all better.

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