Monday, July 21, 2008

The County Fair

El Paso County Fair in Calhan, Colorado is in the middle of NOWHERE. But it is so much fun. I love the livestock and the exhibitions. I love to watch the people. But it was so hot on Saturday when we were there. I was searching everywhere for something to drink. I spotted a smoothie concession. I ordered my favorite, pina colada. My mouth was watering. The concessioneer (is that a word) handed me the drink, I took one drink and voila! SOAP! The drink tasted like soap! My husband tasted the drink and he said, "soap". We took it back to the concession and the man said, "taste like soap? I thought so, too.". He took it bad, no problem, and gave me my favorite: DIET PEPSI!!! I was in heaven. I held on to that drink as if it were the last drink I'd ever have! Out there on the prairie? It could have been. I mean, it is desolate out there! No trees. Just prairie, wind, cows and rodeo!

Now on the the most important thing of all: my afghan. Did I place? Did the judges hate me or love me? Where was that exhibition hall? My hubby and I searched and searched for Swink Exhibition Hall. That was where the creative arts entries were judged. We were hungry and all the smells were getting to us. Then we walked by the livestock and lost our stomachs.

I was nervous because I was afraid Old Lady (please read previous entry) was the judge for my afghan. We found the hall, entered and wandered around and found the knitted afghans. I PLACED! I WAS SO EXCITED! There were lots of really good ones so, I was already nervous because I'd never entered anything before. Then I got the gurgling tummy kind of nervous when Old Lady was so "excited" to meet me and my hubby the previous Friday (NOT!). I looked down with one eye open and TA! DA!....there was a ribbon on my afghan. Third place, but still, it was a ribbon! I was so excited. But guess who the judge was. You guessed it! OLD LADY! She didn't like the yarn I chose. Oh, well. "Ding! I don't like red yarn! DING! I don't like the texture! Even she can't get me down. I was THRILLED.

When I get the afghan back I'll post a picture of it.

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