Friday, July 25, 2008

Ode to Craig's List

I won't be available next week due to some prior commitments, so I wanted to check in ahead of time because let's face it....I know you've been waiting with baited breath for the useless information I have to share.

Craig's List...what shall I say about Craig's List. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes I just don't know. My husband is continually placing ads on Craig's List for printing. He's a printer by trade and has had great success with the internet. Anyway, lately somebody keeps flagging his ads to be removed. There's nothing questionable, there's nothing objectionable...that is except for The Great Craig's List Bandit. The Bandit also hit me. Wait til you hear what for...I advertised a stuffed bunny rabbit on the site and I got dinged by the Bandit. This person obviously is a bandit because he (or she, as the case may be) steals the right for us to advertise on Craig's List.

Now here's one we found on "The Best of Craig's List". There is a man who advertised on Craig's List to take care of all the abandoned pets who are left when all the Christians are raptured at the Second Coming of Christ. He said that since he was an aetheist, he would be left here and would gladly take care of all of our poor pets who are "left behind" for a mere $50 deposit per pet. And the goofy thing is, IT WAS A LEGITIMATE AD. Now my question is twofold: if the guy is indeed an aetheist how is he SO SURE there WILL be a rapture? and secondly, where was the Craig's List Bandit when we needed him?!?!?!?!?

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